Effective Classroom Seating Arrangements

A common complaint from educators around the world is that they think their classes aren’t effective enough. More often than not, teachers put the blame on themselves for not being able to ignite some students’ interest in a certain topic or not being able to deliver fruitful lectures. Many of them scour the internet for hours, looking creative lecture plans and ideas in an attempt to change this feeling of ineffectiveness around. Many even change their pedagogical methods.

Unbeknownst to many teachers, the problem doesn’t lie in what and how they are teaching. The problem lies in the environment in which they are teaching. A lesson will only be effective if the arrangement of the classroom allows it to be. When the classroom arrangement is in harmony with the teaching methodology and the students, efficacy of the lessons would increase tenfold. This is because classroom arrangement can either inhibit the teaching – learning process or be conducive of it.

To make the class more fertile, it should always be organized in a way to promote collaboration and creativity. This arrangement of school furniture should be done keeping in mind the following factors – the size and age of the class, the pedagogical method being employed and the furniture of the classroom. Moreover, teachers need to make sure that through the arrangement, they are minimizing the avenues of distraction and increasing areas where the students are able to express themselves while they decide what arrangement they want to use.

This is where the importance of furniture is realised. Furniture in classes is not just to accommodate students but also help to relax and learn easily. It is a major contributor towards increasing the effectiveness of the lessons being taught. If the furniture doesn’t configure with the students and the teacher and doesn’t allow for the establishment of a relationship between the two, it is an inhibitor. The furniture shouldn’t distract the students, it should engage them.

Typically, a traditional seating arrangement with a few tweaks here and there can serve their purpose better. However, if a teacher wishes to have more interaction between her and the students, she can opt for a U shaped or semi-circle seating arrangement.

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