Your Complete Guide to Office Chairs

Buying a chair for office space isn’t an easy task. Each day, we are bombarded by information about different types of office chairs that would be the best for us by retailers and the internet. As opposed to our view of chairs as a ‘one size fits all’ affair, these differences in the sizes or ergonomics or design that many retailers boast of aren’t created to make a chair ‘unique’. These modifications actually act as ancillary features. They help to accommodate people of different statures and serve different purposes. All the buyer has to do is to decipher what these modifications mean and decide upon a chair which will meet his needs.

For the ease of the same, we have compiled a small guide to help you figure out what kind of an office chair will be the best for you.

Different sizes of office chairs:

Broadly, any chair comes in the following three sizes –

Low-Back Chair

Low-Back chairs have backs with short height, seats with narrow width along with a shallow seat pan. Since, these modifications make the chair smaller in size than an average sized chair, these chairs are also named petite chairs.

Mid-Back Chair

Mid-Back chairs usually work for most people. Generally, the mid-back chairs are good fits for everyone and are bought most frequently. Even amongst this particular size, there are many differences when it comes to which ergonomic adjustments are available.

High-Back Chair

Big and tall chairs are designed to offer higher weight capacity to ensure the safety of the seated user. High-Back chairs give roomy comfort, plush support. They have broad backs, wide seats and a deep seat pan.

After making selection over the size of the chair, you have to understand the difference between the various types of chairs that are available in the market. Different types of chairs serve different purposes and thus, all of them might not suit your needs. Below is a small guide which describes which chairs are perfect for each and every situation –

24-Hours Chairs

They are heavy duty chairs which are used in offices where people work throughout the day in multiple shifts. These chairs are extra durable with sturdier frames along with thickly padded seat and back cushions. These ergonomic chairs also have ergonomic adjustments, to make the user more comfortable.

Computer Chairs

Canonically called ‘office’ chairs, computer chairs have a five-star base with casters. The arms of this chair maybe fixed, adjustable or even absent in some cases. These chairs are said to be designed to be used at office desks and get their name from this fact.

Conference Chairs

As the name suggests, these are the chairs which are put around a conference table. The special thing about these chairs is that they generally have fixed arms and minimal adjustments. This is so that the users are not distracted by their chairs during conferences or meetings.

Executive Chairs

These chairs are very distinguished in their design as compared to a standard one. The chairs are fashioned in a way to look more stylish with a comparatively higher back and additional cushioning. Since these chairs involve a higher degree of style, they can have tufting or wood accents.

Along with this, ergonomics also plays a huge role in the selection of chairs. In lay man terms, ergonomic chairs have certain features that are adjustable to fit its users. These features are incorporated in the chair design based to assist and support natural human movement.

Keeping in mind all these sizes and styles, we at Indo Innovations have dedicated our craftsmanship towards creating an entire range of office chairs which are versatile in their needs and purposes. Each chair is designed specifically for different office scenarios and look aesthetic without compromising on the comfort and support.

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