How a few simple changes to your office can help boost productivity?

Every organization aims at achieving optimal productivity. However, your productivity might be impacted by several reasons, which would range from your modular furniture for office to the timings of your office. With so many aspects playing their part in altering the levels of productivity, you would want to make the of these elements. One of the key things that influence your employee productivity can be your office furniture. This is also something you can control and manage thoroughly.

A vibrant, comfortable, and spacious office space can bring out the best in your employees. It can motivate them to achieve more than usual. For example, comfortable and ergonomic office chairs will prevent your employees from getting posture-related health issues.

In modern times, most organizations have been actively designing their workspaces not only to reflect their culture and brand but also to create a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere for their employees. Though this is an excellent start to the direction, there multiple other aspects that are either ignored or not incorporated in the office design. Numerous studies have already proven that surrounding and the environment a person works in would have an impact on his/her productivity. Hence, it becomes even more important to focus on your office workspace to improve the productivity of your team.

Here are a few things that will help you boost your team productivity :

Colour Palette for your workspace

Colour therapy is a real thing. The colors you surround yourself with will affect your mood, temperament, and also productivity levels. Therefore, color is of paramount importance when you are designing a workspace. Don’t just restrict the vibrant color combinations to walls and decor, also indulge in some colorful modular office furniture. Additionally, you would need to choose a color according to the nature of work carried out in the office.

Here is the list of colors, what it signifies:

which setting would it be best suited

Blue: it signifies the mind, and is often used in many workspaces. The color blue can help employees in their focus as it stimulates the brain.

Yellow: the bright color yellow is a happy color. By representing emotions, this color can help you uplift your mood. Hence, you can see an abundant use of yellow in creative offices such as design or advertising agencies.

Green: It is one of the most soothing colors to use in an office space. It signifies tranquillity and reassurance.

Let the features pop-out

According to a few studies, an office space that has flowers, photos, and plants included in it can drive the productivity of the employees working in it by 15%. Don’t your office look boring and dull, pep up space with some eye-catching feature. Plants can bring in an element of freshness and calmness to the environment; they also decrease the stress levels and keep the oxygen levels high.

Hang creative, funny, or exciting artwork around your office that can keep the enthusiasm of your employees going. So, next time you are revamping your workspace, make it a point to add some cool artwork to your walls to brighten up your office.

Don’t forget the break areas

For anyone to be productive, it is essential to take regular breaks. Hence, don’t ignore the break out areas of your office as your employees would gather their energy there. The more relaxing and soothing you make the break area, the rejuvenated your employees feel. Apart from the regular coffee machine and water cooler, you can also include a snack selection with healthy snacks or a cool game section, which will help your staff burn their stress. Don’t make the furniture in this area regular, add some comfortable office chairs in vibrant colors to uplift the spirit of the room. If you have the budget, you can also include a couple of recliners, bean bags, and comfortable couch here.

The aforementioned tips will not only refresh the look of your office, but they will surely amp up the overall productivity of your staff. Hence, sift through your space and see if you can incorporate any of these suggestions.

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