Can A Comfortable Chair Help You Relieve Stress?

Our latest research has shown that a office chair can be built to relieve stress while working under stress. It can help you feel less fatigued, think more clearly, and be more productive.
Could your chair actually help you work more efficiently? That was one of the major reasons behind our research: on how chairs can help increase cognitive performance. Typically, when one thinks of ergonomics, the interaction between the chair and the person sitting on it becomes paramount. However, our research shows that cognitive ergonomics is just as important, if not more.

Cognitive ergonomics is the effect on memory, attention and cognitive flexibility: the brain’s ability to easily transition between ideas or topics. Essentially, it relates how well a person can think in one chair against another. The research was conducted using non adjustable and auto- adjustable chairs such as Ergonomic Chairs, Auditorium Chairs while performing tasks that require short term memory, ability to relax while under stress, and cognitive flexibility. All these situations are factored in when taking a break from report submissions, answering emails, and getting back to project tasks.

Office chairs also performs a major role in relieving stress and helps in boosting productivity in office. One can check out comfortable office chairs in Noida and can buy best chairs for their employees.

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