Effects of Classroom’s Furniture & Colour Scheme on Students’ Performance

It’s not an unknown fact that school furniture and colour scheme of a room affect the mood and in turn, performance of the students. Similarly, this concept is also true for classroom furniture. Today, as the education sector is transforming to create a more conducive environment for learning, the need to upgrade classroom furniture is of utmost importance. Classroom furniture, in regards to its effect on the performance of the students, plays an important role in making the process of learning more effective.

Classroom furniture is a key factor in improving the physical as well as mental responses of the students. Simply put, furnishing can aid or inhibit student engagement. This furnishing however, is not limited to just chalkboards and computers. School furniture like desks, chairs, and benches in these changing times of modern education should not just accommodate students. Seating, reading and writing furniture in classrooms should provide comfort and facilitate good posture.

Moreover, classroom furniture should also allow physical movement and collaboration. Community learning is great for the growth of students and with outdated furniture; it’s not possible to indulge in the same. Tables, chairs, desks etc. should be easily movable to allow for a variety of activities which promote collaborative learning. Additionally, promotion of visual thinking through smartboards, whiteboards, multipurpose chalk walls and even glass windows can positively affect the students.

Colours too, play a huge role on the psychology of both the student and the teacher. They act as a stimulus and create a happier and learning friendly environment. Colour is a conduit of moods and certain colours are even promoters of concentration. Therefore, if the colour scheme of the class is vivid and great, it will render a lot to the room apart from aesthetics. A great colour scheme can be conducive to studying and promote the mental and physical health of the class.

Keeping all these factors in mind, Indo Innovations offers a range of classroom furniture called Scholar. Within this range, we have two different lines of classroom furniture, one for kids and the other for institutions. We have amalgamated colour, style and comfort in our products to suit the needs of students. Our classroom furniture adds aesthetic as well as flexibility and modernity to the classroom making it even more propitious.

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