How New Age Office Furniture Induces Hyper Collaboration in Workplace

Top organisations today are adopting new age design thinking methods within their offices to help structure the progress of work. In order to achieve this, they try to understand the activities and behaviors of their employees which are reflected in the design spaces and software developed to help increase productivity in new ways.

Design Thinking

A unique method to collectively solve problems in the workplace in a creative fashion, this kind of work allows for physical and cognitive activation. They allow for respective leaders to help their teams through collective or individual brainstorming sessions by filling walls and whiteboards with content and sharing their ideas.

An important task of design thinking is to help allow team members to sit together, stay connected and work faster by helping each other execute tasks. Office furniture that allow small teams to retreat from their respective group to focus, allow each individual to absorb information and process their own ideas thereby leading to greater productivity for each member. Such intimate spaces also allow people to stand, sit, draw, gesture and move materials and objects. Thus, keeping the work dynamic and fast-paced.


Agile is a process-driven work that was derived from software development. Although now it’s used by lots of industries to help improve and eventually increase speed, flexibility and customer focus.

Teams that fall under this category must be given structured spaces that allows their work to flow in a sequential manner allowing each member to execute their tasks quickly, monitor progress and re-adjust workflow depending on individual needs. This practice, allowed by the design of the furniture, includes daily stand-up meetings across a tablescape and pair-based work in small cubicles. Such designs help teams to constantly shift between different modes of work, working alone and together as the task demands.

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