Decoding the New Normal Work Life

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 88% of organizations have mandated or encouraged their staff to work from home. In the Asia-Pacific region, 91% of the organizations had their employees work from home since the coronavirus outbreak.

The work from home situation, which started as a temporary adjustment to accommodate safety measures during the worldwide outbreak of a pandemic, is now a new normal work situation for many. The whole world is learning to adapt a new way of working on a massive scale. With many companies looking to continue this way of working even after the effect of the pandemic fades away, it is crucial for us to analyze how we are going to change to a new lifestyle with minimum friction and high adaptability.

Let us explore some new rules for this new normal work environment:

Decoding the new normal work life

Setting up home offices

One of the most critical changes that most of the global workforce had to go through is to set up a home office away from the modular office furniture that organizations provide. Even the office furniture manufacturers have been shifting there focus on giving ergonomic workstation elements for home offices.

Your posture while working is crucial for your productivity and efficiency. Hence, you need to invest in ergonomic and modular office furniture to get the atmosphere of the work right. If it would have only a few days of work from home, working from your bed or your dining table was perfectly okay. However, with the possibility of this situation running into months, you would need a structured work station at home at fulfills all your work requirements.

There are many varieties of office chairs and desks produced by top office furniture manufacturers that are available in the market. Choose an ergonomic chair that best fits your body postures. If you continue to work in uncomfortable positions, it will only increase the risk of you getting body posture-related health issues such as neck and back pains.

Apart from the furniture, it would be best if you also looked at the lighting in the workspace. As lighting, it has an impact on the brightness of your laptop or computer screen, which would eventually affect your eyesight.

Social distancing norms

Even those organizations which have started working from the office are strictly following the rules of social distancing as the pandemic is still very much prevalent. Offices are making arrangements so that not all seats are occupied, and people are maintaining social distancing in the workplace.

Most offices are only working with limited capacity, and the organizations which can manage to work remotely are encouraging their employees to work from home for a long time. For example, Twitter CEO has famously asked his company employees to work from home forever.

Importance of Mental Health:

Apart from the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, there are raising concerns around the world about the ill effect this lockdown and remote working might have on mental health. In the end, human beings are social animals. With restricted social interactions, pre-existing mental issues can worsen, and it may give rise to new mental health problems.

If you want your work and career to be unaffected and productive, it is vital to take care of your mental health along with your physical health. Keeping yourself busy, talking to your collegues, family, friends, and loved ones on a regular basis can help you stay agile and positive.

It is also a great idea to indulge in a hobby that makes you happy and keeps you engaged. There are many ways in which you can stay social while physically keeping a safe distance from them. As an old saying goes, ‘A sound mind resides in a sound body.’ Make physical exercise a part of your daily schedule. Apart from keeping you fit and happy, it will also boost your immunity.

No one can really tell how long this is going to last. However, you can be sure of one thing that atleast for the next few months, you would continue to work in the home office. So, make it as comfortable as possible for both your body and mind.

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