5 Major Benefits of Maintaining a Correct Posture at Work

Industrialization, modernization and a technologically driven country like India, has definitely provided us with everything at the click of a button. But along with this, it’s hunched backs, stooping shoulders and a largely unhealthy lifestyle. Peeking into the lifestyles of all corporate workers across the country, what’s the most widespread problem you notice? Workers hunched over their computers slumped over their smartphones or even stooping over as they walk!

Contradicting to what technological advancements should have done to our generation, they are devolving our human species a bit. Standing up right was once the characteristic, which differed us as ‘humans’ from others of our kind.

However, here we are with an absolutely absurd posture, which in turn has several other repercussions to our body.

What is posture, and how is it so essential, anyway? Basically, ‘Posture’ means body’s orientation as well as positioning pertaining to the force of gravity. No matter someone is standing, sitting or even lying down, gravity apply the force on our joints, ligaments as well as muscles. Maintaining a good posture is very necessary for the body, as it ensures that the weight of the body – with respect to the force of gravity – is distributed evenly throughout the body, such that no particular structure in the body is over-stressed.

The correct posture is not just about avoiding injuries and pains. It is a full-packed combination of increased metabolism, sharping thinking and of course, the perks of being a well-presented employee!

The benefits of a good posture at work include the following, in a pool of several others –

Reduces Back Pain: With long hours of working in front a system, back pain is extremely widespread among people at offices. It may cause health issues in future and may lead to various other problems.

Optimizes Breathing and Increases Metabolism: Breathing in a correct manner is very important to rejuvenate your brain cells, and this is exactly what a good posture does. Correct breathing and increased metabolism help to keep us fit and fresh throughout the tiresome day.

Keeps Your Blood Pressure in Check: With so many meetings and deadline to attend to, being calm is of utmost importance. A good posture helps you to keep your blood pressure in control.

Boosts Your Self-Confidence: When you are fresh and active throughout the day, you are well presented and thereby, more confident in conducting yourself amidst a large number of people.

Healthy Spine: With a straight posture, you have a healthy spine, which is one of the most important parts of your body. Having a spine in a perfect working order helps to avoid several other health issues in future.

Keeping in mind these benefits of a good posture does not only help us in leading a healthy life physically but also helps us in topping our mental game. Being active throughout the day is definitely something to head towards, for self-growth and confidence.

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